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I am currently in the professional software development industry. I am interested in offering various cutting-edge solutions for software development. The project I am currently working on research, especially in the field of Data Science, Virtual Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big data technology. I have codename as Pagedev

Software Developer

As a software developer, not only in the professional industry, but also currently contributes a lot to various research fields related to Data Science, Virtual Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data Technology.

  • Birthday: June, 13 1994
  • Email: firmangel8@gmail.com
  • Phone: +62 8573 9883 005
  • City: Singaraja, Bali

I'm also research in the field of Databases, Computer Communications (Networks) and Algorithms. Their most recent publication is 'Fundamental Architectures of Datacenter ECR System Prototype by Applying Principle of Messaging Services'. Currently as contributor researcher in the Virtual Vision Image and Pattern, Ganesha University of Education


In my current career I have done various things in the field of computer science. There are various product innovations and scientific publications from my activities as a software developer

Total Publications Article Research

Publication indexing by SCOPUS

HAKI/Patent Registered in the Software Product

Github Repositories for open sources project


In supporting the field of software development, I have several stacks of communication and information technology. I use the combination of technology mastered as practical solutions in various problem solving of computer science and software development

Programming Language

HTML 100%
CSS 98%
JavaScript 96%
PHP 100%
Python 92%

Computer Science Scope

Machine Learning 94%
Mobile Application 98%
Messaging Systems 95%
Grid Computing 92%
Network Administrator 96%

Framework Stacks

Tensorflow 95%
Apache ServiceMix 94%
RabbitMQ (Erlang/OTP)96%
Apache Kafka92%
ReactJS 100%
React Native 98%
Flutter 96%
Spring 90%
Flask 98%
Bee-Go 85%


Short Overview about me. That would be make you enjoy this journey as Software Developer


Kadek Teguh Dermawan

I'm passionate to develop and invent some solution in IT Field. Most interesting of my experiences were to build ESB ( Enterprise Services BUS ) with messaging framework such as Apache ServiceMIX and RabbitMQ. I also interest with automation of machine such as IoT and WoT. In my experiences, I also build a rest interaction of Bluetooth beacons device with mobile devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In summary, I have passion to ensure of any technology can be useful to help each other, solve some problems and effective to use.

  • Buleleng Bali
  • +62 857 3988 3005
  • firmangel8@gmail.com


Master of Computer Sciences

2021 - 2022

Ganesha University of Education, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia

I am currently pursuing a master's degree at the Computer Science Study Program, Ganesha University of Education. My research focus is in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data

Bachelor of Education and Informatics Engineering

2013 - 2017

Ganesha University of Education, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia

I have Bachelor Degree of Education and Informatics Engineering, that help me to explore more about Informatics Engineering. Have knowledge in the hybrid of implementation IT and Education Field

Professional Experience

Senior Backend Engineer

2022 - Present

Stockbit & Bibit, Indonesia

  • Handle tasks related to the order management system using Elixir.
  • Act as the Git Maintainer for projects related to trading systems.
  • Serve as a Code Reviewer to ensure the robustness and persistence of trading systems modules.

Software Developer

2019 - 2022

Digital Property Investment (DiPro), Indonesia

  • Lead in the implementation of product based on blockchain technology
  • Code Review to create robust and persistent module
  • Git Maintainer for core development in the company
  • Core component creator in the Mobile Apps

Software Developer

2018 - 2019

BlockchainZoo Inc., Bali, Indonesia

  • Developed mobile applicaton - FidentiaX Projects
  • Implement interconnection application
  • Have responsebility as Trainer for React Developer
  • Git Maintainer in the FidentiaX Projects

Software Developer

2016 - 2018

Department of Informatics, Ganesha University of Education., Indonesia

  • Developed Messaging Systems Module using Apache ServiceMix and RabbitMQ
  • Developed Data Center Systems
  • Server and Database Administrator
  • PIC in the Data Integration with (Service Oriented Architecture) SOA Principle


Various things I've done in the professional field of software development and research in the field of computer science

  • All
  • Projects
  • Software
  • Publication


I have many contribution in the any open sources project research, currently focus in the Big Data Technology, Messaging System, Virtual Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning


AKSALONT (Automatic Transliteration Application for Balinese Palm Leaf Manuscripts) is a deep learning development of lontar recognition by involving lontar image recognition.

BRACOL Leaf Diseases

BRACOL - A Brazilian Arabica Coffee Leaf images dataset to identification and quantification of coffee diseases and pests is a case study dataset to identify diseases in Arabica coffee leaves with Deep Learning

Image Recognition Balinese Puppet (Wayang Kulit)

This project to explore feature extraction, case study based on dataset Wayang (Balinese Puppet)

Distributed Computing - AIS Project

The research carried out in this case study is the development of big data infrastructure by involving hadoop as a distributed computing framework

DIORAMA Projects

DIORAMA (Digital Image of Ornament Analysis) is a project to identify Balinese ornament images using Deep Learning

Theme Shell YaruDark

An open source project to contribute to the development of shell themes for the user interface of the Ubuntu Operating System based on GTK 3.2+


Really glad to make connection to people, please contact me to share anything that will improve our knowledge


Singaraja, Bali


+62 857 3988 3005

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